Featured Artists


Carlo Andrew Ferrer a.k.a. Caloy is an Illustrator and Designer. He has been in the field of graphics for over 10 years and specializes in the use of Adobe Photoshop.


He takes inspiration from the works of other artists like Joe Madureira, Dan Luvisi and Artgerm.

When he's not busy, you'll find him playing computer games, watching superhero films, and making fan and personal artwork. He said “I was a kid who always loved to draw;
now I draw for a living.”


Dianne "Dhia"  T. Muros is a graduate of the University of the East, Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts.


Dhia is a graphic designer and an illustrator, who loves to learn and explore things that are related to art. She believes that "Even a boring thing can turn into an art if you just add a pinch of creativity to".


Her hobbies are listening to music, watching films and doing random art like digital and traditional paintings,
 photography and special effects makeup. Her greatest art influencers are Tim Burton, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.


Sarah Mae “Sarah” G. Estimada is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Saint Mary's University. She decided to pursue her passion for arts and
shifted career from Technical Support (IBM Philippines) to Graphic artist (Ralp Mango Graphic Design).


She is a self-taught artist, ambivert, fashionista and a movie buff. Also
loves music (Certified “Swiftie”) and makes artworks during her leisure time.


Her sources of inspiration are Instagram arstists like @tatimoons, @yuschav, and @bluuessatan. For her, “Art is an expression of thoughts and feelings without the need of using words. It is the language for our eyes”


Jetzer P. Leyson also known as Jet, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Programming at Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.

He started his career as a Programmer in a well-known IT company in the Philippines which is Accenture. He then decided to change his path and pursue his passion for arts which led him to Ralp Mango Graphic Design. Ever since he was a kid he loves to draw.

He competed in different Poster Making Contest during his school years. Jetzer is a self- taught artist and a music lover. He believes that his passion for art helped him to achieve all the awards and recognition he had during his school years.


Now that he is living in a new environment, he is more driven and looking forward for new challenges
that life and art has to offer.